Terms of Use for Alexa Skills by Voiceagenten  

Acceptance of Terms

By activating and using the Alexa Skills, including connected services such as websites, the user agrees to these terms of use. Without agreement to these terms, the use of the apps, websites, and other services provided by Voiceagenten is not possible.

The user confirms by activating the skill that they are acting in their own name and are of legal age or fully competent to contract in their country.


These terms apply to all skills provided by Voiceagenten in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store for use. The foundation for the use is that the user utilizes the "Amazon Alexa" service. The respective conditions of Amazon apply, available at: Amazon Terms of Use


The provider of the Alexa Skills created and offered is referred to hereinafter as "Voiceagenten".

 Voiceagenten e.K., 
Schorndorferstraße 17, 
73207 Plochingen
Mail: [email protected]

Access and Availability

The skills are accessible via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. A requirement is the device linked to an Amazon account and the use of the Amazon Alexa app on a smartphone or tablet. Activation can be achieved either by tapping the "Activate" button for the respective skill in the Amazon Alexa Skill App or by voice command directly to the Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

Duration and Termination

These conditions apply for the duration of the use of the skill and continue as long as the skill is activated. The user may deactivate the skill at any time in the Alexa App. Deactivation of the skill will terminate the ability to use the skill. Voiceagenten reserves the right to modify or remove the skills or parts thereof at any time without prior notice. Furthermore, the skills may also be temporarily unavailable without prior notice.

Content and Copyright

The contents of the skills are researched to the best of our knowledge and belief. Despite all due care, Voiceagenten does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, and error-freeness of the content.

The contents are also subject to copyright. Reproduction or further use requires the express written consent of Voiceagenten.

Applicable Law

The terms of use and the contractual relationship between the user and Voiceagenten are subject to the laws of England and Wales.


The use of the offered skills is generally free of charge. However, depending on the provider and tariff, connection costs for data transfer may apply. In addition, in some skills, it is possible to make additional purchases as so-called "In-Skill Purchases". These In-Skill purchases are processed, invoiced, and managed directly by the platform provider Amazon. Inquiries about billing should be directed to the platform provider. In addition to the option to purchase "subscriptions", such as song packs in the game, there is also the option to make one-time purchases for the permanent use of the purchased service or to conclude "consumables". These are usually billed monthly and can be canceled in the customer area on Amazon. Costs incurred are always communicated transparently before purchase. Voiceagenten has the right to modify, regulate, or completely remove the virtual items at any time without prior notice. In this case, the company is not obligated to compensate the user or third parties for the purchase or refund. Compensation is also excluded in the event of account closure or termination of a skill offer.

Registration/User Account

In some skills, the user has the opportunity to provide personal data such as their name, residence, or email address. These data are used exclusively for the intended purposes during the use of the skill, for example, to inform the player by email about innovations in the game or their current game status.

In some skills, there is also the option to link the user's Amazon account with the skill through "Account Linking". This optional account linking is needed to identify the respective player and thus, for example, to provide further data on the game status on the website as well as to restore the game status after deactivating the skill.

The user guarantees that they use the user account alone. Sharing the user account, especially selling it, is not permitted.

Changes to the Terms

Voiceagenten may update these General Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.


The use of each respective skill is subject to our privacy policy.

Severability Clause

If individual provisions of this contract are invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the rest of the contract remains unaffected.